About Slush Motorsports

At Pikes Peak International Raceway

Our “Playground for Car Enthusiasts” brings together drivers and fans from across the nation for action packed days of an exhilarating experience both on and off track. Wheel-to-wheel racing is an event like no other. Fans enjoy Drag & Roll Racing, Drifting, Circuit Racing, Car show, Burnout pit, and 2-step.

Drivers benefit from SLUSH festivals, as they are afforded extended time behind-the-wheel. They also allow fans to participate; they aren’t just spectators. Many with a need for speed can fulfill a lifelong dream by hopping in the front seat for a ride along. This allows attendees to take a trip around the oval, drinking in the sights and sounds from inside a race car. A bonus for drivers is that they get to meet influencers and professional drivers – and even have a chance to drive alongside them.  
The roar of the crowd and the roar of the engines stirs the enthusiasm and unleashes a new level of comradery; patrons mix and mingle to share their passion for the sport. SLUSH events create a perfect environment for those who want to gather with a social club, family, friends, or network with like-minded fans.